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Live Healthy with Natures Resources: Plants!
- Essential Oil can provide a whole new world into the health and happiness of ones body and mind. Explore the uses of essential oils and the benefits nature provides to each of us; we just need to learn how and what to do with them.
Experience the healing benefits of using Essential Oils; find relief for pain and swelling from arthritis with Drops Arthritis Oil; relax the body and mind by getting a good nights sleep also reduce tension and stress with few drops of lavender oil; minimize wrinkles, add moister and softness to aging and damaged skin with a spritz of Derma Vera™.  Sooth the soul with a warm aromatherapy bath soaking your body in Bath Teas a creation of essential oils and herbs!
Singing Bird is dedicated to creating natural body products for those who want to have less exposure to chemicals and other non-natural additives. 

Discover a new life living with essential oils!