Singing Bird Incorporated
From the Founder
The company name of Singing Bird Inc. is dedicated to My Grandmother Grace O. She was an avid Bird Watcher who taught me to be a hard worker, be persistent and stay on track; and to my Grandfather Henry O. He was an inventor, mechanical engineer always thinking of new ideas he taught me to fly,  dream, test my ideas, create, refine and never give up.
In the "Spirit of Creativity":
I like to spend leisure time exploring new ideas, learning and working on the computer; I like the sunshine, fresh air, a hard days' work and listening to the Birds Sing in the early morning. I believe in all things in moderation; A little goes a long way! I have learned about the benefits of using essential oils through my experiences and have shared them with others who have benefited as well. I have developed several synergetic blends such as Arthritis Oil; this oil has been used by many since 1999 to help with the pain and swelling associated with arthritis. It works!
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So in the "Spirit" I have created!
Singing Bird Incorporated® and Drops® 

This is my outlet, my hobby, my Little Green Tree!
"Keep a green tree in your heart and perhaps a singing Bird will appear..."